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On site :


   - Lababan church

   - Penhors beach, to practice water sports

   - Notre Dame de Penhors chapel

   - Pierre Jakez Hélias Museum

   - Hénaff Museum

   - Admiral Museum (birds, shellfishes)

   - Varied hiking trails

Penhors beach

Notre Dame de Penhors chapel

the small port of Penhors

Notherly :


   - Audierne and the Goyen estuary (9 miles)

   - Pont Croix, characteristic Breton town (11 miles)

   - Menez Dregan : megalithic spot (6 miles)

   - Cap Sizun with its amazing coast

   - Pointe du Raz, Pointe du Van (18,5 miles)

   - Douarnenez, sardine port with its water festival (11 miles)

   - Douarnenez bay, nice and quiet, with many points

   - Locronan

   - Locronan, the most beautiful village in Brittany (18,5 miles)

Pors Poulhan

The port of Audierne on the Goyen

La Pointe du Raz

The village of Locronan

Southerly :


   - Many little chapels

   - Pointe de la Torche (12 miles), mythical surf spot

   - Eckmühl lighthouse (15 miles)

   - Le Guilvinec (14,4 miles) : Haliotika, fisheries Museum

   - Pont L'Abbé (10 miles), with its Breton Museum

the chapel of Languidou

Notre Dame de Tronoën

Eckmühl lighthouse

the fishing port of Guilvinec

The Museum of Pont-L'Abbé

And of course, Quimper (16 miles), with its St Corentin Cathedral, its Arts Museum and its Cornouaille festival.


The Breton Museum of Quimper

The historic center of Quimper

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